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Global Bones is a radio programme going out worldwide on 9 December 2007 on the Internet, live from a cowshed in the heart of Norfolk, the home of Wayland Radio. There'll be three hours of chat, interviews and live performance broadcast across the world. Contributors include Denis Wick, Ian Bousfield, Dennis Rollins, Andy Berryman, Simon Wills, Chris Houlding, Tony Parsons, and many others who are yet to be press-ganged into revealing all! Global Bones is the brainchild of Norfolk-based bass trombonist Dave Scragg, who is also a presenter and producer for the Wayland Community Station, who writes:

By advertising Global Bones through trombone societies across the world, I thought it would be great to unite trombonists worldwide. We'll have coverage of the BTS October event at Oundle, and Diss-Located Bones will be playing live in the Wayland studio. Topics for studio discussion include Focal Dystonia (a condition which has troubled and in some cases ended the careers of many great players), the use of the alto trombone as a teaching aid to younger players and reflections on the standard of today's students. There will also be a few surprises!

You will be able to hear the programme live through the Wayland Radio website and there will be links and up-to-date information on the Diss-Located Bones website. Listeners will be encouraged to call the programme on the day with any comments or e-mail through the website: // '> 01760 441161. If you would like any other information, contact Dave Scragg in advance:'> Global Bones will go out twice on Sunday 9 December at 12:00 GMT and again at 19:00 hrs to accommodate various world time zones. After the event, the programme will be available for download from the Diss-Located Bones website.

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