2012 Composers Competition results

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The BTS Executive Board is very pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Composers' Competition.

All the winning entries will be performed at BTS events during the next 12 months and/or the Black Dyke Band Festival on 20 May 2012 and will be submitted to Warwick Music for possible publication, as they are, in the opinion of the Judges, of a very high standard.

Thanks go to Brett Baker for organising the competition and to the judges, Professor Philip Wilby, Dan Jenkins, Andrea Price and Brett Baker.


Unaccompanied trombone solo:


  1. Tartarian Psalm, by Mark Oliveiro (USA)
  2. Pathways, by John Dutton (UK)


  1. Concerto, by Todd Goodman (USA)

Trombone and piano:

  1. Darkness Visible, by Iestyn Harding (UK), for bass trombone and piano
  2. The Bells Toll, by Vahan Salorian (UK) for tenor trombone and piano

Trombone and band:

  1. Paragraph, by Dr Augusta Cecconi-Bates (USA)
  2. Concerto, by Steve Watkins (UK)

Quartet, senior players:

  1. Canons and Chorale, by Kevin Fenner (Australia)
  2. Play in Variants, by Paul J Rudoi (USA)

There were no submissions for the categories 4 and 5, trombone and (a) rhythm section or (b) big band, nor for trombone quartet for junior players (under 16 years).

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