Brazilian Trombone Festival

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The Brazilian Trombone Festival 2008 takes place 18???22nd February 2008 in Sao Joao Del Rei, Brazil. International artists booked to perform include Nathaniel Brickens, Brandt Attema and Tony Baker. Of particular interest to visitors will be the wide selection of local artists including: Renato Farias, Radegundis Feitosa, Joao Luiz Areias, Alciomar de Oliveira, Julio Rizzo, Wilson Dias, Nilsinho Amarante, Trombominas, UFMG Trombones and Tuba Choir, BTE - Brazilian Trombone Ensemble, Trombonada (Recife), Quarteto de Trombones of Paiaiba, Trombones of Maceio, Porto Alegre Trombones and more to come. For more information, see this fact sheet (25KB, PDF format).

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