Daily Mail campaigns for brass band state funding

Written By: Edward Solomon Comments: 0

 Daily Mail columnist and trombonist Jane Fryer writes in the Saturday 22 December edition of the Daily Mail (We're running out of brass) about the state of brass band funding.

Last week it emerged that over the past five years, Britain's brass bands have received just ??987,000 in Arts Council grants compared with the staggering ??276 million given to opera. 'That's the trouble,' says Chris Barrett, band chairman, solo trombone and retired greengrocer. 'Opera wouldn't carry on without money, but the band - or this band, at least - will always play on. 'We always have and we always will, because banding runs in families - in the blood.'

The article gives a portrait of the thriving spirit of Farnworth and Walkden Brass Band and how it fundraises in other ways to enable them to make music together and perform in the community.

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