Nightingale trombone quintet in SW London

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Nightingale trombone quintet in SW London

South-West London has a jazz treat coming up in a couple of weeks, with five trombones and rhythm led by Mark Nightingale playing a night at the Richmond & Twickenham Jazz Club.

The 'Rosetta Bones' are: Mark Nightingale, Chris Lowe, Lee Hallam, Geoff Baxter and Jimmy Adams,with rhythm section consisting of Nick Ramm on piano, NickWalsh on double bass and Nick Smalley on drums. They'll be playing arrangements by Kai Winding, Mark Nightingale, Bob Florence, Alan Hare and Chris Lowe.

The Rosetta ‘Bones’
18th February 2010, 8pm
Richmond & Twickenham Jazz Club
The Crown Bar & Kitchen, 174 Richmond Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 2NH
£9/£8 admission

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