Radio special - Denis Wick in discussion

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This weekend sees a very special radio broadcast called Global Bones, available to listen to live on the Internet. Chats with top trombonists Ian Bousfield, Dennis Rollins, Denis Wick, Simon Wills, Chris Houlding, Sheila Tracey and Andrew Berryman will cover a wide range of topics. There will be coverage of the BTS October event at Oundle, and Suffolk-based trombone ensemble Diss-Located Bones will be playing live in the studio. The event is hosted by Norfolk-based bass trombonist and Wayland Radio presenter Dave Scragg. Topics for studio discussion include Focal Dystonia (a condition which has troubled and in some cases ended the careers of many great players), the use of the alto trombone as a teaching aid for younger players and reflections on the standard of today's students. There will also be a few surprises! The broadcast takes place this Sunday, December 9th at 1200 GMT and again at 1900 hrs GMT (1400 EST US). You can send messages to the team using the website during broadcast. It will also be available to download shortly after the event. Full details at the Global Bones website.

First Hour 12:00 - 13:00 GMT

Ian Bousfield, on how he took up the trombone and entering the profession. Chris Houlding - taking up a teaching post in Germany. Simon Wills - Serendipitous beginnings. Diss-Located Bones - live performance (if they've finished the milking!!). Denis Wick - Early days in the business. Studio discussion - use of the alto trombone in teaching.

Second Hour 13:00 - 14:00 GMT

30-minute feature on Focal Dystonia, with Andy Berryman, Bob Hughes, Denis Wick and Chris Houlding. Studio discussion on Focal Dystonia. Denis Wick - The ???Star Wars phenomenon??? and working with the LSO. Diss-Located Bones - live performance. Denis Wick - on styles of playing.

Third Hour 14:00 - 15:00 GMT

Dennis Rollins - Jazz influences and his collaboration with Rath Trombones. Simon Wills - giving good advice to Christian Lindberg, or not as the case may be!! British Trombone Society Day at Oundle. Chris Houlding - on the standard of today's students. Ian Bousfield - relaxation & leisure pursuits (What's he doing to that chicken?!). Denis Wick - on the lighter side of things.

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