Rollins wins BBC award

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Dennis Rollins' Badbone & Co has been been awarded the prestigious Best Band award in the BBC Jazz Awards 2006. The announcement last Thursday was followed by programmes on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 3 over the weekend featuring the winning artists, which are available to hear on-line until this weekend. The Independent newspaper has a spirited interview with Dennis Rollins about the award and sings the praises of the trombone.

Rollins cites the section break-out in Sinatra's I've Got You Under My Skin (on Songs For Swinging Lovers) as one of the most thrilling moments in trombone history. Riddle scores the thing like a mini-concerto for an entire trombone section, climaxing with a solo, while the rest of the orchestra heaves subordinately at the limits of tasteful control. 'Vooh-dah,' sings Dennis. 'Va-doh va-doh va-doh-vung... rrraaaargh - oh, the warmth, the attack, the tone, the sheer balls of it... Even now, thinking about it, I tell you, that is one of the most beautiful sounds there is.' His eyes are shining. My heart is fit to burst.

This weekend, Rollins can be heard in East Sussex, Crawley and Nottingham. See his website and giglist for further information.

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