Secret pastimes of Elizabeth I

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The identity of the first landmark woman to play trombone in Britian is quite surprising. Helen Vollam at the BBC Symphony has made her mark in the last decade but of course most people are aware of Maisie Ringham's impact in the Hall? since the 50's, but would you believe it they were both somewhat preceded by the private trombone passions of Queen Elizabeth I.  According to Trevor Herbert's new book The Trombone, there is some suprising evidence that suggests that the Virgin Queen obtained a bass trombone for her private usage. Under a list of the Queen's personal 'necessaries' such as clothing, bedding we find:

One greate sackbut provided for the Queens use. ??

H. Nicolas, Privy Purse Expenses of Elizabeth of York: Wardrobe Accounts of Edward IV (London: Pickering, 1830), pp 267-8

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