Stargazer score excerpt

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It's a hugely enjoyable if lightweight piece, almost like film music in its vivid orchestration, old-fashioned tunefulness and unpretentious storytelling. Dove pictures the trombonist, peering along the bell of his instrument, as an astronomer searching the night sky through his telescope,

writes Richard Morrison (The Times) about Stargazer, Jonathan Dove's trombone concerto, which was premièred in March 2007 by Ian Bousfield. The parts and score remain available for hire only, but whilst it is hoped that a piano reduction is in preparation, trombonists eager to see the music can view the first eighty bars of the score now for free. The first eleven pages of the full score are available to download from the Edition Peters website.

He loves to bounce ideas from soloist to orchestra, or set up shimmering accompaniments over which the trombone launches pensive soliloquies.
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