Swedish success

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Billed as an opportunity 'to become the next Christian Lindberg', the Christian Lindberg Solo Competition took place last week, and another Swede took the amazing prize of 6000 Euro, a new Conn 88HCL and five concerto appearances around Spain and Scandinavia. Where did it all start? 'I grew up in Arboga, 90 minutes from Stockholm and studied with John Petersen as a teenager. I spent a bit of time studying in Chicago and at Interlochen, before returning to the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and studied with Jan Andersson and Sven-Erik Eriksson in Stockholm. I started subbing in the orchestras aged about 19/20 and won various jobs soon afterwards.' And was Christian Lindberg an influence at all, living so close? 'I am very inflences by Christian. What he expresses on stage with his music making can not leave anyone untouched. It just grabs you.' Now you've won this competition, do you hope to do less orchestral work and more solo? 'I am very happy working at the opera and COE. The opera is a complete art-form and our orchestra, as well as the ensemble, have become enhanced artistically the last 5-6 years - definitately a nice place to work at. And the COE, what can you say? Probably the best chamber orchestra in the world. Being with them is always a top experience on all levels. The music, flexibility to adjust anything in an instant, as well of the unique sound of the strings, the smooth winds and the timpani - it is really arresting stuff. But I do feel more interested in doing new challenges on my instrument more than ever before. I won the Swedish solo prize last year so I am doubly happy today!

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