Trinity College of Music alumni

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Roger Argente, bass trombonist in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, a Past President of the BTS and Head of Brass at Trinity College of Music, had a motorcycle accident earlier this year, which resulted in him breaking his leg and dislocating his ankle. You will be pleased to know that he is well and truly on the mend and last week finally started back at work, but during his enforced home recuperation, Roger decided to start a project related to tracking down past brass players at Trinity College of Music.

A lot of friends and visitors suggested I write a book, but I decided my pet project would be to try and locate as many ex-TCM students as possible. SMS texting, the power of the internet, Google, Facebook and good old fashioned word of mouth have all helped immensely and I am now pleased to say I have now made contact with over 350 people. I've had replies from all over the world, including the USA, Mexico, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa, continental Europe and Scandinavia. It's very pleasing to see so many - a very large percentage indeed - of our students still heavily involved in music, either professionally or just for fun and hearing how their careers developed. My idea is to invite everyone along to our next annual brass festival in the spring of 2011. It's a real shame that there are no real records of all the past students, or even the staff, but I do intend doing my best to contact as many as possible.

If you studied, or know someone who studied, brass at Trinity College of Music, whether it was first or second study, an undergraduate or postgraduate course, were a recipient of the sorely missed Archers Big Band Scholarship or maybe didn't even finish your course, Roger would like very much to hear from you. Please drop him a line at

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