Trombones stolen from Kevin Holdgate

Written By: Edward Solomon Comments: 0

Kevin Holdgate's car was broken into during the night of 31 January/1 February 2008 and two trombones were stolen. He asks if BTS members could please be vigilant, should they see these instruments for sale anywhere.

  • Yamaha 630 Model Gold Bell, evidence of a repaired crease in a blue and yellow GIG bag.
  • King 3B Concert Model with gold inlay on bell, similar to Silversonic, in original King 'coffin' case.
  • Custom mutes similar to Peter Gane mutes, but with white rather than plain wood bottom.

If you have any information, which could lead to the recovery of these items, please contact Richard Walker ( // ' class='linkification-ext' title='Linkification:'>

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